Polas daughter AVIVA INTERPOLA (Vilnius) got her 1st throw in 2012-06-07: 2 females and 1 male.


In the Entlebucher kennel of Atkat (Germany) on the 18th of June Polas first grandchildren in Germany were born.
Their Father is AUKSIS INTERPOLA , their Mother - DINA VOM JORDANBACH.


ASAS INTERPOLA made the regular eye test on the 18-10-210. According to the international standard the ophthalmologist examined Asas against 12 possible eye diseases and found out that his eyes are unaffected and absolutely healthy.
Also his PRA test was excellent: Asas belongs to the happy A type, so he can enter pair without restrictions concerning health.


On the international dog show in Bialystok (Poland) on the 8/28/2010 our ASAS INTERPOLA became golden winner + BOB with PL CAC and CACIB certificates. The judge Marek M.Bork-Grabkowski estimated Asas excellent and put him on the first place in competition. He praised Asas for his superior proportions, strongly developed, athletic body, nice movement.


Finally, we have received from the Lithuanian Kynologischen association in the 4/16/2010 written certificate about granting our ASAS INTERPOLA to the champion\'s title of Lithuania !!!


ASAS INTERPOLA won on the previous weekend on two exhibitions: AUKŠTAITIJOS TAURĖ\'10 (6/19/2010) and MOLĖTŲ MERO TAURĖ\'10 (6/20/2010). The judges H.Gunnel (Finnland) and M.Gonzalbo Lorenzo (spain) found him excellent and distinguished with BOB, 2 x LT CAC and 2 x CACIB.


Polas son AUKSIS INTERPOLA (at home in Czech Republic Buschi called), the World Winner in Bratislava 2009, becomes father: after his wedding with his friend Esi Essi younger generation is expected in June.


Again good news: Pola became the tittle of Estonian Champion.
The certificate issued on the 12/9/2009 ww received after nearly four months, but as one says, rather later than never...


On the 13th and 14th of March 2010 two international dog shows took place in Vilnius: LITHUANIAN WINNER 2010 and VILNIUS CUP 2010. Our ASAS took part succesfully in both: he was excellent and got 2 x LT CAC, 2 x R.CACIB and therewith the right on the title of the Lithuanian champion (since 2/26/2010 when he became Lituanian youth champion, these are all together already 4 x LT CAC).


Shortly before her 5th birthday (3/20/2010) became our Pola INTERCHAMPION !
The FCI confirmed the title of INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY CHAMPION on the 3/4/2010 with a certificate of gigantic format.


Today the A-litter of POla celebrates their 2nd birthday.
AUKSIS InTERPOLA, the world winner of the WDS 2009 in Bratislawa, greets his brother and sisters.


Pola is already a granny: her daughter ASTRA AMARETTA INTERPOLA (Russia) gave birth on the 24.12.2009, 8 to great puppies!


Today, exactly two months before his second birthday, our ASAS INTERPOLA was examined for Hip-/ elbow dysolasia, namely with excellent test result: no signs for hip-/ elbow displasia (HD-A, ED-0).
The dysplasia test is very important for breeding dogs because its results are decisive for pairing dogs, as well as the results of the PRA test which our Asas has passed with excellent PRA-free result.
With his brilliant both test results ASAS InTERPOLA counts to few Entlebucher which may be paired without health restrictions. We are glad gigantically and are really proud of our \"small\" Asas which slowly becomes a desired bridegroom.


On the show \"Christmas cup \'09\" taken place on the 20.12.2009 in Vilnius our ASAS INTERPOLA was distinguished with \"excellent\" and already for the second time with LT CAC (judge - Yvonne Cannon, Ireland).
As a Lithuanian youth champion ASAS needs three times LT CAC, so that he can apply to the Lithuanian champion, but the date difference between the first and the third LT CAC must amount. 1 year.


Polas son AUKSIS INTERPOLA (02.02.2008) - WORLD WINNER 2009 !!!
We congratulate warmly our dear Auksis and his оwner Lucie Zavoralova on the excellent victory on the World Dog Show in Bratislava (8.-11.10.2009) owing to what the name of our kennel INTERPOLA sounded among the best world in the world.


ASAS INTERPOLA greets warmly to our friends and everybody who loves the Entlebucher Swiss Mountain Dogs on the renewed homepage where he has now \"place\" separately from his mother POLA, completely for himself alone. The star hour arrived exactly, because today Asas was 18 month-old, so really a great occasion to present himself to the world and to inform at the same time, to be out from the youth-age...


After his successful career in the youth class as a youth champion of Lithuania and Latvia our young dog ASAS INTERPOLA performed today his first appearance in the open class and won on the regional show in Ukmergė with the honourings CAC + BOB.


POLA became the Winner of Estonia, CACIB and BOB on the international show „WINNER 2009“ in Tallinn on the 06.06.2009. This automatically allows Pola as a Champion of Lithuania and Latvia to become the titles of Champion of Estonia and International Champion. Congratulations!


We would like to inform all our friends and owners of Entlebucher bitches of happy news: according to results of the PRA test occurred on the 29.04.2009 our ASAS INTERPOLA is PRA- free and can be used for breading without any restrictions regarding PRA.

According to the valid breeding regulation the PRA test is necessary for the breeding licensing, so that no animals falling ill in PRA are bred. PRA (progressive retinoathrophia) is the eye disease in which ill dogs can go blind. Entlebucher which can prove no such test may not be used to the breeding or be admitted.
According to the test result breeding dogs are assigned to the following categories: PRA-A (dogs free of PRA), PRA–B (the PRA carriers which transfer the gene on her descendants, but cannot fall ill), PRA C (PRA-fallen ill dogs who transfer the gene on her descendants and can go blind themselves). Dogs and bitches of the PRA-A and PRA B type may become together puppies, dogs and bitches of the PRA C type may not be bred basically, unless in the exceptional case, if they taking into account all other criteria (z. B.pedigree, HD, katarakt) an improvement of the existing population promise.

All honest it-breeders follow the PRA status all over the world regardless of which in the concrete country to valid breeding regulations (in some countries, e.g., Russia, the PRA test is not carried out on account of unknowledge, costs or inaccessibility yet and a big danger originates to let transfer the gene leading to the loss of sight of generation to the genereation. For this reason we advise all peaple looking for Entlebucher-puppies: before you decide on a puppy, ask the breeder not only for the pedigree of the parents, but also for the PRA certificate!


Polas son ASAS INTERPOLA became a Latvian youth winner on the dog show "Latvian Winner 09" taken place today in Riga (Latvia). Now with the Latvian JCAC won today becomes Asas also the youth champion of Latvia (he is already Lithuanian youth champion).


Today Pola celebrates their 4th birthday. We admire her mind, energy and also are glad to her fine health. We love her so much and wish a lot of many years! Happy birthday!


Polas daughter АМАRЕТТА ASTRA INTERPOLA, now living in St. Petersburg, was recognised to the Best Junior of the race on the main exhibition of Russia "Eurasia 2009" which took place on the 28th of February - 1st of March in Moscow (judges P.v. Berchtold, G.Kostopouloss). We congratulate you, dear Amaretta!


Polas puppies from their litter of 22.02.2008 (the first litter of Entlebucher Mountain Dog in the Baltics) today are one year old!
Happy Birthday!


Excellent news from St.Petersburg: POla's daughter AMARETTA ASTRA INTERPOLA (22.02.2008) became the Youth Champion of Russia! We are very glad! Enormous congratulation to young champion from the native house!


With a gigantic greeting from St. Petersburg reported to us Polas daughter AMARETTA INTERPOLA about her new victory on the 18th of January on the special exhibition of the Swiss cattledogs in St. Petersburg. Amaretta became the junior winner of the national club of Russia and winner 3 in the BESTl-competition of all 4 Alpine dairyman's dog's races (winner 1 was the big Swiss cattledog, winner 2-Bern Alpine dairyman's dogs). The judge Thоvar del Solar Alfonso (Spain) has written about Amaretta: excellent type, excellent head, good front, excellent upper line, good ears, good corners, good movements. Congratulations!


We present our renewed photo gallery: the newest photos of Pola and Asas are already here and a retrospective from our comprehensive photo archive will be published step by step!


On the previous week-end Polas children ASAS INTERPOLA and AVIVA INTERPOLA (b.22.02.2008) participiated on two international shows in Vilnius - \"VILNIAUS ŽIEMA - 2008 (Vilnius winter-2008) and KALĖDINĖ TAURĖ 2008 (Christmas cup - 2008) as successful juniors. The judges Jadwiga Niciewicz from Poland and Gunnar Jensen from Norway judged Asas as excellent and praised him for his nice head and colours, well build body and muscles, very good corners, free movement etc. with which they decision well and Asas became the double Youth winner and BOB. Aviva harvested on the first show excellent and very good on the second and also became Youth winner. A nice Christmas present for Pola which was also present and observed the appearance of her children. The proud mother taken on a photo besides her son and his cups.


AUKSIS INTERPOLA, Polas son greets us again from the Chech Republic and reports about his great victory on the exhibition in Wels on the previous week-end: he became the double Junior Winner 1!!! With the biggest pleasure we quote notes of the judges. Friederike Kappacher (2008.12.06): "10 month-old dog with very good whole construction. Very harmonious head, very elegant neck-back line, very well-balanced breast relations, very good whole sign lungs. Nice and friendly being, nice representative of his race." Roland Spoerr (2008.12.07):" Elegant dog with very good format, typical head and expression, correct outline lines. Superior neck-back line, firm back, very well developed prebreast, good paws. Attractive, friendly being."
We congratulate Auksis on the great success! By the way, the Junior Winner Bitch was Auksis "sister" from Austria - the daughter of Kimo from Auenruetti Boney from Waldtzeile (common photo of both Junior Winners).


Greetings to everybody from Amaretta!!!!!

On the 30th of November Polas daughter ASTRA AММАRЕТТА INTERPOLA won again on the national show in Saint Petersburg! The judge Natalja Jewgenjewna Sedich distinguished Amaretta with Junior CAC, Best Junior and BOB!

We congratulate Amaretta warmly on the new success and wish her a lot of luck on the following show on the 14th of December in Finland (Helsinki)!


AUKSIS INTERPOLA (Polas son, born on the 22.02.2008, living in Czech Republic), won again in an exhibition. This time he became a winner 1 in a special exhibition for Swiss cattledogs which has taken place on the 11.10.2008 in Czech Republic, in Zarybnična Lhota. The judge Gabriela Schrank from Austria wrote in your judgement: a just 8 month-old dog of quite large-size with well formed out breast, very nice head, very good sign lungs, very good motion sequence.

We congratulate our dear Auksis on this success!

By the way, also with young Swiss cattle dog "ladies" Auksis on this exhibition already had a lot of success...


We congratulate Polas daughter AMARETTA ASTRA INTERPOLA on "Best Puppy" at the EURO DOG SHOW iin Budapest!


AUKSIS INTERPOLA (Polas son, b.22.02.2008), greets us again from Republic of Czechia where he lives with great news: on the 27th September he became the winner 1 on the international exhibition in Сeske Budejovice! Judge Mahonnen Markku from Norway wrote in his assessment: "very well from type, long body, good head, good joints, very well developed chest, dark eyes, good temperament, well in movement", his estimation was: very promisory. We thank most warmly our dear Auksis and his careful owner Lucie and Petr!


AUKSIS INTERPOLA (Polas son, b.22.02.2008, living in Czech Republic) reports about his successful appearance in a regional exhibition. We congratulate and wish Auksis success on the 27th of September - in the international exhibition in Ceske Budejovice!


We congratulate ASTRA AMARETTA INTERPOLA, Polas daughter from the litter of 22.02.2008, now living in St. Petersburg, with successfull appearance and victory in 3 exhibitions:

23.08.2008 - international Show /CACIB "ГОСПОДИН ВЕЛИКИЙ НОВГОРОД-2008" ("Mr.Novgorod the Greate", Novgorod, Russia)

30.08.2008 - international Show / CACIB "ПСКОВСКИЙ СУВЕНИР" ("The Souvenir from Pskov", Pskov, Russia)

06.09.2008 - international Show / CACIB "НЕВСКИЙ ПОБЕДИТЕЛЬ" ("The Winner of Neva", St.Petersburg, Russia).
Three international judges from different countries rewarded Amareta with the title "The Best Puppy" and assessment "very perspektive".


АUKSIS INTERPOLA, Polas son (b. 22.02.2008), living in Czech Republic and there named Bushy, has just arrived from sennenhund holiday, which he spent with his beloved owner Lucy. They were not only having rest and playing together with Swiss Bernese, Swiss Greater and Swiss Appenceller dogs, but also training. On the informal dog show, which took place in the end of holiday, dogs of all four swiss mountain breeds, classified on age only, were judged by behaviour: self-confidence, obedience, mutual understanding with the person. Аuksis was on his best behaviour and got the first place in puppies class !



Congratulations to Pola's son Auksis Interpola (at his home in Czech Republic he's called Buschi), who today participated in his first ever dog show in city of Brno (Czech Republic).

Titles ? Of course – very perspective, 1st place!

International judge O.Vondrous marked: good body build, nice color, scissor style bite, correct ears, strong skeleton muscles, excelent move, color combination matches the standart.


In 2008 m. June 26-29 d. in Liucern city of Switzerland was the Great Jodler festival, at the final ceremonial show participated delegacy of Entlebuch Cattle Dog.

Jodler song, performed by higlanders at specific high vocal, is national Switzerland musical culture heritage, whose tradicions are actively cherished even today.

Both Jodler, and Entlebuch Cattle Dogs are Swiss mountain regional symbols.

Here we show you photos from the festival, from the archives of Switzerland Entlebuch Cattle Dogs club.


Amaretta Astra Interpola (Pola's doughter from her first litter, now living in St.Petersburg) on June 28-29 participated at internation all breed dog show "White nights 2008" in St.Peterburg and both two days was evaluated her at very hight score in puppies class by expters. Both experts agreed: Amaretta has great opportunities in future !

In August Amaretta will participate at CACIB show in Novgorod.


We congratulate Amarretta Astra (Pola's doughter from her first litter, now living in St.Petersburg), with succesufull start at the dog show !
In June 21 Amaretta participated at regional dog show “Carskoselskij karnaval” and was evaluated at very good points and got many praise. She was very apprechiated by judge Ishtvan Popov, who was sorry that she is so young and he could not give her BOB title!


Today Pola and her puppies where on TV Show "Your House Animal" on TV11, and represented Entlebuch Cattle Dog breed from the best side. The second part will be on next saturday.


About Pola, her puppies, relatives and friends and wonderful kind of Entlebuch Cattle Dog writes the most popular newspaper "Lietuvos rytas" ("Lithuanian morning"). On today's date, supplement "Savaitgalis" ("Weekend"), please read article "Du miestai susigiminiavo per šunis" ("Two cities united by dogs"), by E.Bačytė.

That's a wonderful present for Pola's Birthday!


Pola celebrates her third Birthday.


Five puppies were born ( 2 boys and 3 girls) !!! All Puppies are strong and healthy!

Dad: KIMO von Auenrüti (Austria)